First Officer, Reporting.

First Officer Spock, USS Enterprise.
Science Officer.

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captjimkirk replied to your post: ((Sleep))
UGH DIRTY FLATTERER it wasn’t that good adfghjk:jl

Obviously, you don’t know how amazing it was.  Time to think of a proper response to something so pretty.  >.<




letribble-deactivated20140908 said: *fluffles* Well it can't be that difficult to understand him. Perhaps you should try rubbing his belly. That always gains my acknowledgement ~ *purrs deeply*

/contemplates the notion before shaking his head, petting the soft underside of the fuzzy creature/  I am sure that something as simple as a stomach rub would work on you, but a human captain might be a different story, Nikolai.

letribble-deactivated20140908 said: Hm. *burrows against him and snuggles* I suppose he does not need to steal you. You're his friend and friends don't need to steal friends~ *purrs* But I shall never share with anyone else. The doctor is grumpy all the time and grumpy people can not take you from me~

The doctor is not very fond of me so there will be no competition from him.  /snuggles Nikolai in a very vulcan manner/  I only strive to gain the acknowledgement of one person and he is a mystery to me.  You have no reason to worry, friend.

letribble-deactivated20140908 said: *giggles* I must fight for my Spock! But I suppose I can not fight the captain if he chooses to steal you from me. I am loyal to both of you~ *purrs*

/blushes slightly/ I do not think it would be stealing, but I can see that you are passionate.  However, I am sure the captain has better things to do than ‘steal’ me away from you, Nikolai.

letribble-deactivated20140908 said: *barks defensively at nothing as he snuggles closer* I shall locate a tribble sized sword and fend off any thieves! My Spock!

/smiles wider, controlling himself from laughing/  Such a bold act.  You are a very brave little tribble.  Surprising, too.

letribble-deactivated20140908 said: *snuggles closer* Ok Spock. If you insist I shall call you Spock! And you shall be my Spock~ *purrs*

Your Spock?  Am I property now?  How will you fend off others looking to claim me as their own?  /smirks slightly, pulling Nikolai to his chest/

letribble-deactivated20140908 said: *shuffles awkwardly* I have only had two litters while on the ship but that was months ago and they went to good homes~ *chirps* I have not indulged myself since~ *purrs deeply* I am quite fond of you, Mr. Spock!

Good.  As I said, you are responsible and I can tell.  /smiles gently, cupping the ball of fur in his hands/  There is no need for such formalities, please, call me Spock.

letribble-deactivated20140908 said: Well, I like to think it's a bit of work~ The crewmen are so attached to me and I try my best to be around when someone is feeling sad or angry so I can soothe them with my purrs while they talk about their problems~ Is not always simple as a tribble. Especially for the tribbles who have many chilluns~

Well I hope that you don’t try to get into the mess hall and over-run the crew.  I also hope that you are a responsible tribble but I feel as if I already know the answer.  /continues petting you gently/  I do admit, I am growing quite fond of your company, Nikolai.

letribble-deactivated20140908 said: *settles on his lap and purrs at the warmth* I have been lazying about the ship as usual~ Napping on McCoy's desk or investigating a spot on the floor of the Captain's quarters~ The usual I suppose.

It must be quite a relaxing life, living as a tribble.  Getting to be pet by all, making friends with everyone.  /scratches gently, smiling at the small creature/  If only everything could be so simple.

letribble-deactivated20140908 said: *nuzzles his hand* Hello Mr. Spock~ Having a good day?

My day has been adequate.  I have completed some much needed experiments in the labs and have had time to meditate.  /smiles gently, bringing the small ball of fur into his lap/  What have you been doing?

letribble-deactivated20140908 said: *purrs and cuddles*

/gently pets the furry creature/  Greetings, Nikolai.